Scherrie DeBord


It is not far, by bird, from image to man, it is not far, by image, from man to what he sees, from the nature of things real, to the nature of things imagined. Their value is the same. Matter: movement, need and desire are inseparable. –Paul Eluard*

My work consists of intimate objects and assemblages using the bird as the overall motif. I use the ephemeral qualities associated with the image of a bird in connection with historical references on its use as a symbol for the soul to intimate my emotions surrounding my adversities as an artist and a human being. The aspects of spirituality I am most interested in relaying through my work are those of fragility and ethereal. The current concept I am working with is the use of the bird as a cultural or religious symbol for the human soul. This symbolism crosses several cultures and is influenced by other artists’ use of bird imagery, like Petah Coyne and Liza Lou.


  • Sculpture
  • Mixed Media
  • Installation
  • Sewn Art
  • Fibers
  • Wax